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Monday, November 28, 2011

Favourite Photo Monday

I always join Ewa's Favourite Photo Monday, It's becoming a weekly thing, But I still like it. So here is this week's photo.
It's picture of my puppy, Echo. I have forgiven him for scratching my face this morning. Owwie. So last week on Thanksgiving I was playing with my friends in the dark. It was a game where we were escaping from a tower. It was my turn to carry the chest.
Since I am a klutz I fell headfirst down the stairs. I did not hit my head, but I did hit my back, shoulder & arm. Owwie.
Anyway I have been making little videos with Honestech Claymation. If I can figure out how to put home made videos here I can show you.Since I can't(Why is this Typical?) I will show you later.

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  1. SO sorry you fell. What a cute dog

  2. My dog is really cute. His nickname is Trouble though...

  3. A very big kiss to make it all feel better X
    Bisous H

  4. A kiss does make it feel better.I was at Aunt MJ's house so I had a doctor there to help as well. BK

  5. Hi Kate...what a beautiful header on this blog. You are a very talented young lady to have two blogs!!
    I'm so very honored to be listed under blogs you love....thank you so much for visiting me me each day and for being my friend.
    Hugs and purrs


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