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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Random picture of our latest vacation and some of Echo.

Hi! We got back from a trip from Derickson bay a few weeks ago, and I haven't posted about it because I have been lazy. So, here are the pics!:)
Echo on a log or something similar.

Picture of the mountains from Magic Beach in Derickson Bay.

CK and I playing in the grass.(It is actually about thigh level, butWe are pretending that we are tigers sneaking up on our prey, which is Echo and Mom.)

The Mountains by Nellie Jaun Glacier.

Nellie Juan Glacier.

Perfect beach in Deep Water Bay.
Echo and his friend, Zoey the Alaskan Wolfhound who lives next door.


  1. Beautiful pictures and breathtaking scenery
    Hugs Madi

  2. Bella says

    Wow!The mountains and glaciers are stunning. Zoey the alaskan wolf hound looks so sweet.


    1. She is! She is the only dog I know who will tolerate a Halloween costume! Kate


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